Residential and Office Condominium Fit-out

Whether you’re moving in to your new office or condominium unit, you have to deal with putting up desks, tables, chairs, cubicles, furniture, walls, and ceiling. In other words, you need to fit-out your new space.

Office space is not cheap, specially in the metro, and no matter how high-end the building is, you get it bare. Though some residential units offer fully-furnished options, a significant percentage still includes none or semi-furnished units for tenants.

This is where the fit-out guys come in. We, at Arreo Contractors Inc., is a fit-out contractor that offers customized fit-out services. Fit-out, as the name suggests, is the process of fitting out architectural items on the barely finished space of a building to make it suitable for occupation regardless of purpose.

Delay in office move-in results in loss of money

Most companies searching for an office space conclude a contract known as the lease agreement. In this agreement, the lessor or the building owner rents or leases his or her property to another party known as the lessee.

In this setup, companies will get the office space bare. To make it operational, they need to hire fit-out contractors to put up furniture and architectural items, among many others.

When companies don’t start operations just because their new office is not finished on time, they lose money. Which is why they should also conclude a contract with a fit-out contractor in a timely manner—usually around the time when the lease agreement is closed so that fit-out works will begin in earnest.

Not limited to lease agreements, all companies or tenants, in general, looking for office or residential space will have to collaborate with a fit-out contractor for architectural and finishing works, whether big or small in scale.

The ideal environment to make people more creative and productive

From the traditional cubicle-type work stations, to Google kind of space, a fit-out contractor can make this a reality. Nowadays, office spaces with game rooms, spacious and well-lit meeting rooms, and overall contemporary designs are the norm.

Companies now lean away from traditional office spaces, instead, they opt for informal ones, meaning they are not enclosed like traditional types which is boring, dull, and unengaging.

Creativity, efficiency, and productivity. These are the words companies dream about. In order to bring out the best from each employee, they should be efficient, productive, creative, and very hardworking. Also, work-life balance should be achieved so that everyone feels satisfied and happy. What is better than giving them the ideal workplace environment, right?

A spacious, bright, changeable, colorful, cosy space with high ceilings, and sufficient natural light is the ideal office space. Wherever there is natural light, the most important team of the company is located there—heads of teams and executives. Basically, the whole office space has to be lively.

Happy people are productive people—that is the bottom line. So at Arreo Contractors Inc., expect nothing less than fun-filled new office space for you.

The ideal condominium unit

As a homebuyer, there are many different types of condominium units that you can choose from. But why do you need to know what unit type you should buy? Knowing this will help you determine three key factors:

  • How much money you need to prepare.
  • How your new home will complement your lifestyle.
  • How big your living space you can use.

But since some condominiums offer bare-finished, you will also need to factor in the cost of fit-out for your new unit. Whether be it a studio type, one to three bedroom, loft, or penthouse, a non-furnished or semi-furnished type will require fit-out works to some extent—depending on your preferences.

Of course, the ideal condominium unit should be complete with all the modern comforts of a home, as well as aesthetic designs and be highly functional. With the help of other trades along with our fit-out team, we can make this ideal condominium unit a reality.

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Dealing with fit-out works on your own can be stressful and time-consuming, so why not transfer the stress to us? It will be our pleasure helping you out. At Arreo Contractors Inc., we offer innovative solutions to any fit-out problem.

Our team of experts—all of whom work tirelessly towards project completion will remove the burden from you thinking daily about fitting-out your new space. Collaborate with us and simply wait until project completion for handover. It’s that convenient for you!