6 Tips for Successful Construction Project Management

Despite many attractive designs out there, not one design or layout applies to every living space. The living environment has to spur in productivity, liveliness, and creativity to bring out the best of each individual.

Since most people spend most of their time enclosed inside a living space, it’s only normal to fit-out such spaces to be deservingly called living spaces.

As one of the top emerging fit-out construction companies in the Philippines, Arreo Contractors Inc. offer proven and tested project management program to bring out the most efficient work timeline, budget allocation, and manpower loading.

Importance of Project Management

In every establishment, especially for a working environment, the proper fit-out of interior and exterior spaces plays a huge role that impacts its occupants. Though not easily given attention, the way living spaces are designed affect our emotion and the way we think for better or worse.

Therefore, a fit-out construction company should be able to address such issues and try to bring out the best outcome of a well-functioning, and pleasing living space.

To do this requires the help of fit-out construction companies to provide excellent and innovative fit-out services for clients in the business industry, real estate, and more.

However, all projects are not without flaws and problems. For it to run smoothly from start to finish, a proven and tested project management program should be executed. Our expert team of personnel and effective workforce stand by to be of assistance to you.  

How Arreo Contractors Inc. does Project Management?

Finishing the project is one thing, but making the construction process efficient is another. A supposedly 1-year project finished within 2 years is technically a completed project, but not a project well-done. This is where our expert team comes in. Here’s a look at how we do things:

1. Pre-construction activities

This stage is one the most important steps in our project management program. Activities performed here serve as the foundation of a successful fit-out project. Its primary aim is to provide initial projection on project cost and duration for our clients—until such time that for construction drawings are finished.

Moreover, not only do our clients get the information they want, it also gives way for our project team to make more precise decisions on schedule and cost.

2. Site Inspection

Not all projects are ideal in a construction company’s viewpoint and more often than not, there are potential nasty surprises along the way. Which is why we conduct a thorough site inspection to identify nasty surprises and limitations of the project.

In this stage, we carry out site monitoring and review of existing facilities to determine how we will adjust our project management program. If there will be special cases of methodology adjustments and other technical items such as scheduling, costing, and manpower allocation, this is the stage where we figure it all out.

3. Budget Costing

Because we serve our client’s best interests such as money and assets, budget costing is a job we take very seriously. To prevent loss of money, cost overruns, and overpayment, our project team will have to collaborate with our client representative to come up with a reasonable budget for fit-out construction cost.

Budget costing includes the following activities: determining requirements, value engineering, bidding, canvassing for suppliers, and contract signing.

4. Permits and Licenses

To legally proceed with fit-out construction, the necessary permits and licenses shall be acquired first. In accordance with laws and local ordinances, our project team will take care of building licenses, electrical, water, plumbing, fire management, and safety permits, among others.

5. Fit-out Construction Activities

Our project management program contains all the protocols and guidelines needed to bring out the most efficient project timeline and manpower loading.

To do this, we set weekly meetings together with other trades to address problems encountered on site and potential problems in the future. We also require other trades to set commitment dates aligned with the master schedule and look-ahead schedules to beat deadlines. Other important agendas such as site progress, design issues, and safety concerns are also discussed in this meeting.

We will also appoint dedicated personnel for monitoring site progress to find out whether the project is behind or ahead of schedule. Knowing this gives us invaluable insights on how we will deal with all the activities henceforth.

6. Post Construction

Punch listing, as-built plans, and occupancy permits are the last major activities on our project management program. At this stage, we will inspect every inch of the project to find out whether material quality and workmanship passes our standards. We do this to make sure that turnover a project in the highest quality possible.

As-built plans will be drawn to be submitted for processing of occupancy permits and other final documents. This will also serve as future reference as well as comparison with the original designs.

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As one of the many emerging fit-out construction companies in the Philippines, we offer proven and tested project management programs for all fit-out projects out there.

If you’re planning on a grand fit-out construction project, consider us to be your partner to ensure both project completion and project well-done!

Our expert team of architects and engineers stand by to be of assistance to you—all of whom work tirelessly towards project completion.