3 Quick and Easy Home Improvement Ideas

How many times you have watched a home in a movie, TV show, on Instagram or even on a visit to your friend or neighbour and thought “Ah! I wish I could have this type of home”? Well, if your answer is yes, then you are among the 90 per cent of the people who think the same when see perfectly decorated and covered walls house with dramatic wallpapers. But the problem is, from these 90 per cent people, only 10 per cent transform their wish into reality.

Some obvious reasons behind this are the cost, time, and a lot of hard work. But not anymore! If you want to upgrade your house and want some home improvements, you do not need to hire any contractor or spend the heavy cost. As now you can do it yourself, only with a little bit of work.

If you are interested to know how then below are some of the simplest ideas, which will enable you to start improving your home today.

Before delving into the ideas, it is pertinent to mention here that: focus on what you want to accomplish and then consider the time you want to spend on it, only then initiate your first step.

1. Ditch out-dated fixtures and replace them with new ones

A new fixture can instantly change the picture of the room. Replace your old bulbs with contemporary glass globes, hang a chandelier above your bed, remove old ceiling fans and swap them with new modern fans. While doing this, do not remove wires, as your new fixtures will work fine on old wires and you will save money too.

2. Make yellow glow bulb your new friend

A small change of light fixture can overhaul the ambience of your house. You just need to replace your harsh white bulbs with soothing yellow bulbs. Always make sure to buy LEDs, to avoid any type of longevity issue. You can also enhance your home beauty by installing dimmers, which can increase as well as decrease the light according to your mood.

3. Specify a place just for your pet

If you do not have a pet, you are missing on something big but if you have it make a mini home for it in a special place. Pet decor is one of the finest in the business which provides very affordable and comfortable pieces for your pet. This not only provides comfort to your pet but also the decoration to your house. Some of the things like cat jungle gyms, fancy water fountains and pet tepees are easier to get and upgrade the home instantly.

Apart from these tips, you can also try a mirror on the wall, organizing your closet, tiles and grout in the bathroom, a fresh coat of paint and shelving of the corners to get ahead in the race of home improvement.

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