General Construction

Building a home or business establishment naturally brings about a certain sense of anxiety especially for those who are new to this whole experience, along with the exciting prospect of owning your own home or place of business.

In the Philippines, investing in a home or commercial space means a lot for the average Filipino. That is why getting a licensed general contractor is paramount in protecting the said investment.

A licensed general contractor can help you be more confident in your decisions and ensure that you get the most out of your investment. Additionally, getting a Design and Build General Contractor will make the process of building your home or establishment run even smoother.

But what is a Design and Build Contractor? Also termed as Design-Build, a Design and Build Contractor is a firm or team of professionals that can do both the design (planning process) as well as the construction (building process). Unlike the General Contractor who only engages with the client and the architect during the construction phase, the Design and Build Contractor will provide professional service to a client from the very start of the planning process.

We’ve listed below the 5 Benefits of Hiring a Registered Design and Build Contractor:

1. Save Money in the Long Run

  • Hiring a reputable construction company in the Philippines helps you cut costs significantly because of quality workmanship and materials. A professional installation of your building components translates to the durability and longevity of your structure. For instance, substandard tiles can cost you more if you have to replace them after just a few months of use. Another sample is the incorrect installation of your footing rebars which can result in the further damage of your whole structure as well as the endangerment of its occupants. These problems are overseen and prevented as early as the planning stage.

2. Construction Management

  • Building a residential structure itself can be an overwhelming task, but with a professional team to take care of the management of the work and materials, the process of constructing or renovating your structure becomes easier and even more enjoyable. You’re building can be built before and on schedule, which again saves you more on costs, since building materials do tend to go up every year.

3. Unified Construction Team

  • A design and build contractor typically has a team of experts working in one company. These are professionals that generally include an architect, structural engineer, plumber, electrician, and some cases have their in-house interior design, landscape architect, and mechanical engineer. When you have individuals, who have been working together for many years and have developed a unified work ethic as a team, the workflow becomes easier, and communication is smooth flowing.

4. Trusted and Warrantied Suppliers

  • As mentioned, a licensed design and build contractor delivers quality installation and materials. With many years of transacting with suppliers, the construction company has likely acquired contacts of trusted and top-brand suppliers. It means that you only get the best and warrantied building materials. This protection and convenience are a great benefit when getting a professional designer and builder in the Philippines.

5. Fewer to No Punchlists

  • Although, punchlists or construction problems are unavoidable, having a contractor to monitor and manage the construction process lessen the mistakes or poor craftsmanship significantly. And, if a problem arises during the construction itself, an experienced general contractor will be able to address the situation and provide solutions and as well as alternatives to prevent or to solve such issues.

6. Complete and Legal Construction Documents

  • Building or renovating any type of structure will need a building permit. Requirements for an application of a building permit includes Complete Working Drawings such as Architectural, Structural, Plumbing, and Electrical Plans. You’ll also require a Site Vicinity Map and Specifications. All of these requirements will be done by the in—house architect in coordination with the other professionals of your design and build team.

There are design and build firms that do assist in the application and submission of your building permit requirements until the issuance of your building occupancy permit.

  • Beyond Aesthetics. Not only do you get a good-looking building or place of business, but you also get a safe and structurally sound investment.


In the Philippines, getting an unlicensed and uninsured general contractor is common because their services are cheaper than legitimate contractors. In return, a lot of prospective home and business owners encounter problems regarding the quality of their built structures. To avoid problems, both structural or even legal, always hire licensed contractors for your building projects.