5 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Property Value Before Selling

5 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Property Value Before Selling

If you’re thinking of moving to another city and selling your house in the future, you may want to improve its market value, so you can sell higher. Lowering your price to potential buyers is not enough to make them bid their offers.

Selling a home in the Philippines should be complemented with a fully furnished, designed, and aesthetically-looking home. So, before you do, you need to fix some aspects of your house.

Before you get started

Before anything else, you need to inspect every inch of your house. It’s best to list down what you need to repair, so you can focus on renovating your house on a budget.

  1. Spend an hour checking what needs to be done from room to room – including the garden or the backyard, too.
  2. Decaying wood, termite infiltration, or outdated electrical support? Fix these issues before repairing your house.
  3. Make a research on the market on what buyers need from a new home.

It’s also helpful to seek the expertise of a contractor before starting on unnecessary tasks.

How to increase your home’s property value

A fully-managed home is where a new homeowner can move in without any immediate maintenance. Homebuyers don’t want to spend any more time, effort, and money into a house when they’ve already been through a lengthy search of purchasing a home.

If you improve your property value, you’ll get better returns. Here’s how to start before putting your home on the selling list.

Repair structural flaws and foundation

Homeowners want to live in a house knowing its safe, secured and built to last. The structure of the house is one important factor buyers inspect. What happens if an earthquake or a flood will happen soon? See that your roofs and foundation are intact.

Repair and repaint your walls

You need to examine whether your walls show visible signs of damage. You might need to replace the panels and fill small gaps with fresh concrete if needed. Finish your walls with a fresh coat of paint.

Fix interior flooring

Homebuyers expect the floors to be clean, durable, and stylish. Quality-kept hardwood floors are known to increase a home’s property value because they’re versatile, flexible, and attractive. Be sure to rid of any problems, dents, and grimes on your floor before a buyer walks in.

Improve internal lighting with an energy-efficiency lighting system

Do you need to upgrade your lighting fixtures? Why not invest in an energy-efficient lighting system to boost the home’s value? A switch to energy-efficient lighting fixtures appeals to most buyers in the market. Not only you get to save the environment, but you get to lower electrical bills as well.

Upgrade and repair your rooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important areas of any home. Buyers want a functional space while still looking good. Before selling a house, this equipment and fixtures should be in working condition. See that the pipes don’t have leaks and any chips are already catered to.

Want more home value tips?

If you’re planning to sell soon, you need expert assessment from local contractors. Recommend contracting management personnel should take into mind your financial goals and know-how improve your house’s market value

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